• Resarch and Development

CAPEGROUP has been derived from CAPE research center of Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Iran University of Science and Technology, having experiences in research, engineering and training fields of oil, and gas and petrochemical industries for about two decades. Hence, by utilizing its research center, CAPE performs its projects with the objective of updating knowledge as well as achieving modern science and technologies.


Concerning the academic identity and background of this center, the exchange and achieving of modern science and technology has been easily possible, despite the obstacles caused by the existing restrictions, which is  proved by carrying out 70 research projects, presenting more than 450 papers in the credible scientific centers and over a hundred scientific, technical and research reports.

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Head Office:
No. 9, Maragheh Alley, Nejatollahi St., Tehran, Iran.
Email: info@capegroup.ir    
Phone: +98-21-88851219
Fax: Internal 120 & 420

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