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Downstream department of CAPE consultant group includes process, mechanic, electronic and instrument, computer and civil units. This department utilizes universities and industries experts in downstream field. Downstream activities divide in three major fields:

•    Research projects
•    Engineering projects
•    Software development


•    Economical and technical studies and evaluation
•    Oil, gas and petrochemical process design (basic, conceptual and detail design)
•    Oil and gas separation design
•    Oil and gas distribution, storage and transportation
•    Gas liquids storage
•    Process optimization
•    Gas process operations (dehydration, purification, sweetening, distillation, compression and transportation)
•    Gas compression stations and Gas reducer center design
•    Petrochemical units design and development
•    Industrial water treatment
•    Flaring systems design and optimization
•    Software development in variant engineering fields







•    Economical and technical consulting in oil, gas and petrochemical projects
•    Process industries feasibility studies
•    Investment rate of return evaluation
•    Process evaluation and comparison
•    Process industries conceptual design (includes feasibility studies, annual operating factor determination, utility characteristics and PFD generating )
•    Process industries detail design (equipment datasheet, plot plan, PFD and P&ID generating)
•    Piping design
•    Process equipment design
•    Control philosophy  and process control system design
•    Software development in oil and gas downstream industries
•    Survey in refineries malfunction and solution representation

•    Computer modeling and simulation:

  • Flaring system
  • Chemical processes
  • Transportation pipelines
  • Pressurized vessels
  • Three-dimensional plot plan

•    Survey in novel oil and gas technology

  • Natural gas storage and transportation using gas hydrate
  • Determining the condition of hydrate formation and  prevention of its formation in natural gas pipelines
  • Hydrocarbon and valuable components recovery  in gas streams to flare and reduction the amount of these gas streams

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